November Update

a) Three new countries have been added: Italy, Sweden and Cyprus. Due to performance issues with the UK AIS web site, these countries may have their NOTAMs sourced from the FAA. Later on, some other countries may also be sourced from there. Airspace for northern Cyrus is a guess, based on sparse documentation. If anyone has a reliable source for this, please let me know, via the 'contact' page.

b) A bug has been fixed whereby NOTAMs for unexpected FIRs (those outside the country's jurisdiction) were always regarded as 'new', regardless of creation date.

c) Previously, if the AIS website failed to deliver NOTAMs, this program deleted the 'missing' ones. They were then reinstated on a later successful transaction. This resulted in NOTAMs being marked as 'new' .This will no longer happen.

d) Users with country of 'Spain and Portugal' have had their country changed to 'Spain', unless they had an email ending in '.pt', in which case they have been changed to 'Portugal' Some of these will be incorrect, but it will make no difference - they will still see the combined Iberia map. Similarly, users in Belgium and the Netherlands have had their country changed to 'Netherlands', unless their email ended '.be'.

e) The 'latest briefing' page has been changed. You can now view the briefings for any of the countries covered by this web site from the one page. Also available is the briefing history; all NOTAM briefings from the last month are now viewable.

f) A long-standing bug, whereby some people received two emails during busy slots (6/7/8am) has been squashed.

May Update

Austria and Switzerland are now available on the international maps. Italy will be the next country to be added.

September update

Aerodrome-only NOTAMs are back! Due to a decision by AIS, it was no longer possible to obtain NOTAMs for aerodromes within the area brief. Instead, you now have to get separate aerodrome briefs, specifying the ICAO code for every single one, thirty at a time. Thanks very much, AIS. Sorry it took this long, but it was very complicated...

Other good news - the robots have been defeated by the new Captcha, and are no longer a concern. To try to stop them, I set up the web site to send an email to every person registering. It seems that a lot of you are not responding to this email, or you got your email address wrong. Whatever, I am now deleting all accounts with no response to the email after a week. Similarly, if you haven't set up your local area(in 'Set up maps and Feeds' above),, I will do it for you - and put you in a close bit of ocean.

More stuff - I've added the Benelux countries, Norway, Denmark and Malta to the international maps. No NOTAMs at the moment, but they will be along as soon as this update settles down. If you see any mistakes in them, please use the contact form to tell me.

Big Bad Bug

I seem to have introduced a major bug where people apparently get logged out immediately that they do anything. I think I've fixed it now - it was a caching problem. Apologies for the interruption in normal service.

Bots and real people

Unfortunately, some bots have created hundreds of dummy accounts on the system. I'm in the process of removing them. To identify them, I've scored each account on various things: whether the local area has been set up or not, whether various items have been ticked, whether the email looks valid. Most of them are obvious, but some are not.

In the process, some real accounts may have been deleted by mistake. If yours was one of them, I apologise; please set up a new account. On the other hand, it was probably because you hadn't set them up properly in the first place...

Also, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of accounts that request emails, but don't specify which time of day they are to be delivered, nor for which area they are. In future, I'm going to let you get a week's warnings, then set your email delivery to 'never', to stop me wasting precious email resources to send you messages that obviously you're not reading.

If you're not getting the emails you expected, it's because you haven't set up your account correctly. Go to 'my account'/'edit'/'Email settings', and set up the email frequency and the time you want the email delivered. Then go to 'Set up maps and feeds' on the main menu, and set up an area of interest. Only then will the system be able to send you an email.

In future, if you set up nothing on your account, I'll assume that your account was created by a bot, and delete it. (You will get an email to tell you I've done just that).

Oh, and many thanks to those few subscribers who have donated to the site. They will be getting some extra goodies to reward them in the near future. All the rest of you, thank them for subsiding your accounts!

July 2012 Update

Thanks to the appalling flying weather: The update for July:

  • Major changes to the software to allow for a single NOTAM to be mapped onto multiple areas, where the NOTAM describes more than one affected area. Improved NOTAM text parsing to map these areas.
  • You may now view maps for Spain and Portugal.
  • Details for each airfield/flying site are now on a separate page, from where you can go directly to the correction page, if you know of any changes.
  • FIRs (Flight Information Regions) have been added to the database. You can now show these FIRs on the maps.
  • NOTAMs that affect an entire FIR are now mapped onto the FIR boundary rather than some huge circle.
  • Gliding areas are now shown purple on the maps, rather than the previous green.
  • Minor improvements to the mapping, especially overlaying of lower airspaces.