September update

Aerodrome-only NOTAMs are back! Due to a decision by AIS, it was no longer possible to obtain NOTAMs for aerodromes within the area brief. Instead, you now have to get separate aerodrome briefs, specifying the ICAO code for every single one, thirty at a time. Thanks very much, AIS. Sorry it took this long, but it was very complicated...

Other good news - the robots have been defeated by the new Captcha, and are no longer a concern. To try to stop them, I set up the web site to send an email to every person registering. It seems that a lot of you are not responding to this email, or you got your email address wrong. Whatever, I am now deleting all accounts with no response to the email after a week. Similarly, if you haven't set up your local area(in 'Set up maps and Feeds' above),, I will do it for you - and put you in a close bit of ocean.

More stuff - I've added the Benelux countries, Norway, Denmark and Malta to the international maps. No NOTAMs at the moment, but they will be along as soon as this update settles down. If you see any mistakes in them, please use the contact form to tell me.